The Fastest Way to go Global
Selling on Global Marketplaces

With competitive products
you can go global by selling them on global marketplaces.

OKVIT Open Marketplace

Sell worldwide by selling on an OKVIT open marketplace.
More than 400 famous Korean brands are already selling their products without worrying about overseas marketing, delivery, and CS.

01 OKVIT Open Marketplace

OKVIT is an overseas specialized open market selling
Korean brand products to customers in over 100 countries.

02 Event Promotions

OKVIT offers various events and promotions for global customers.
OKVIT provides promotional services for approximately 250,000 overseas customers, supports branding through consultations with global marketing experts,
and accelerates promotion and sales through OKVIT's SNS.

03 CS for Global Customers

CS specialists who speak English, Chinese, and Japanese communicate directly with customers and support help regarding invoices,
customs clearance, and shipping cost information by weight for complex international shipments.

04 Global Shipping Support

Send your goods to Malltail Bucheon Logistics Center, and OKVIT will be take care of overseas shipping.
OKVIT delivers goods quickly through reliable partners.

05 Sales in link with global channels

Stores using Makeshop can link product information collected on OKVIT to global channels (Qoo10 Japan, Singapore) for sales.

Everything from product uploading and delivery to customer support for global channel sales are supported the same as OKVIT.

* Global channels will be expanded continuously. Some channels may not be supported depending on the store status.

OKVIT Shipping Process

  • Domestic Stores

  • Makeshop Seoul Distribution Center

  • CS for global customers

OKVIT Partner Carriers

  • Major Shipping Countries

    China, Japan, Russia

  • Major Shipping Countries

    Australia, New Zealand,
    others in Europe

  • Major Shipping Countries

    US, Canada, Indonesia,
    Saudi Arabia

  • Major Shipping Countries

    Hong Kong, Taiwan, South East Asia,
    Singapore, Malaysia, Macao

We will respond as soon as possible to your
questions on OKVIT membership.


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