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MakeGlob, providing all the needed services for going global,
assists brands on every step of their globalization journey.

Training on Globalization

Get customized know-hows for the global market!
From global trend to ads-
start your journey
as a global online store

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Learn about all the basics needed for going global, including how to create global online stores,
related process, operation tips and cross-border ads.

  • Global Trend

  • Creating and managing online stores

  • Global Advertising Strategy

  • Link to Consultation Services

Due to saturation in the domestic market, online stores are turning to to global market.
Get the latest tips and tricks on creating and managing an online store, ad serving, and shipping.
Find answers about all your questions about going global.


PART1 Overseas eCommerce Status

Characteristics of Overseas eCommerce

Latest Hallyu Market Trend

Shopping Trend by Country

PART2 Tips on creating and managing global online stores

Global Online Store Case Study

Things you need to prepare for creating your online store

Introducing MakeGlob’s Features

PART3 Global Ads

Global Ads Case Study

Global Ad Strategy and Operating Method


  • ******052

    MakeGlob’s training session was really helpful
    in finding answers for my questions on creating global sites.
    The session helped me gain a lot of knowledge
    about actual site creation and operation.
  • ***919

    Considering that the world of ads is vast
    which makes it impossible to provide detailed knowledge,
    I was satisfied with the easy explanations in overall.
  • **dss

    This was a good opportunity to learn about makeshop services
    for brands that plan to enter the global market,
    although I was missing some current state and characteristics of different markets.
    Thank you for the session.
  • ****766

    As I am planning to link MakeGlob with my own makeshop, the session was extremely helpful.
    Specifically, it was good to learn about
    things I couldn’t understand with MakeGlob’s basic info,
    as well as some advanced appliances.

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